Who is Beklan Kızılçay?

Surrealist Painter


He was born in 1968 in Istanbul.

In 1986, he entered Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramic Engineering.

Beklan Kizilcay is an artist who adopts a figurative style and you feel that the figures express a counter-stance from the actions of the figures. According to Kızılçay, human life should gather its minds without falling into spiritual torture. With this aim, the artist takes his brush in his hand and, while conveying the mistakes he has seen in the outside world into a Surnaturel language, he suddenly floats into the güzel beautiful boyut dimension.

The form unions coming out of their brushes support each other in a certain harmony and colors come into play. They are paintings of paintings demanding the exploitation, war, ambition, hatred and anger of all attempts to demolish our current civilization. Especially Surnaturel and transcendental language were used in the descriptions. In addition to temporal ruptures, the artist’s description is a harmonic dream.

Beklan Kizilcay lives and works in Istanbul.