Surnarsist – Maji Gallery

Yükleniyor Etkinlikler

Surnarsist – Maji Gallery

20 Eylül 2018

The main theme of the “Surnarsist” exhibition is the transformation of the social, cultural and economic erosion that we experience as individuals into narcissistic personalities.

The narratives of the loneliness of these narcissist identities are depicted. You will see the stories of the tides between the personalities they have transformed in their real lives and the other personalities they imagine.

Socially, we are turning into tougher and ruthless individuals, and these harsh characters are reflected in bilateral relations as well as in all areas of life.

As a result, we became a society of scattered families and children who grew up loveless and disconnected from family ties. In my works, everyone will see a story of their own. We wish to meet you at our exhibition where you will find a section of our lives, perhaps all of your life on a canvas…

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